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Date 2015-01-31.21:57:23
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Yep, they are pretty much equivalent to those, except:

- check_call has a 'return 0' if it succeeds
- add '.stdout' to the end of the expression for check_output

I'll work on documenting the trio in those terms.

If people want, some/all of the trio could also be implemented on top of run(). check_output() would be the most likely candidate for this, since I copied that code to create run(). I'd probably leave call and check_call as separate implementations to avoid subtle bugs, though.

Sharing inheritance between CalledProcessError and CompletedProcess: That would mean that either CompletedProcess is an exception class, even though it's not used as such, or CalledProcessError uses multiple inheritance. I think duplicating a few attributes is preferable to having to think about multiple inheritance, especially since the names aren't all the same (cmd vs args, output vs stdout).
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