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Date 2015-01-31.09:46:32
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Maybe you don’t want to touch the implementation of the “older high-level API” for fear of subtly breaking something, but for clarification, and perhaps documentation, would the old functions now be equivalent to this?

def call(***):
    # Verify PIPE not in (stdout, stderr) if needed
    return run(***).returncode
def check_call(***):
    # Verify PIPE not in (stdout, stderr) if needed
    run(***, check=True)
def check_output(***):
    # Verify stderr != PIPE if needed
    return run(***, check=True, stdout=PIPE)

If they are largely equivalent, perhaps simplify the documentation of them in terms of run(), and move them closer to the run() documentation.

Is it worth making the CalledProcessError exception a subclass of CompletedProcess? They seem to be basically storing the same information.
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