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Is it possible to edit the PEP to reflect the current design decisions?


* Remove: "Because of the new levity for * and ** unpackings, it may be advisable to lift some or all of these restrictions." (in both abstract and specification)
* Extend: "Currently duplicate arguments raise TypeError.  This remains true for duplicate arguments provided through multiple keyword argument unpackings, e.g. f(**{'x': 2}, **{'x': 3})
* Add some examples of dictionary overriding to the list of examples:

>>> {'x': 1, **{'x': 2}}
{'x': 2}

>>> {**{'x': 2}, 'x': 1}
{'x': 1}

* Remove "if the restrictions are kept" (they are)
* Remove "If they are removed completely..."
* In disadvantages, remove "if the current are kept" (they are).  Don't write "* unpackings", write "iterable unpackings"
* Remove "if the current restrictions are lifted"
* Remove "Implementation" section (it's done!)
* Add to specification: "f(*x for x in it) and f(**x for x in it)" remain SyntaxErrors.
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