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Larger changes represent more work on the part of the submitter ;) 
The following should reproduce the readline problem:

Have the current detect as the readline termcap library a that itself links against  Without the --as-needed
flag, this is sufficient, since libtinfo ends up being indirectly linked to, through  Not that it was ever the right approach,
but absent --as-needed, it happens to work. 

Then, make sure the --as-needed flag is passed to the link command for the module.  In that case, even though there is a "-lncurses" argument,
the linke will not link to because
doesn't directly need any symbols provided by  The readline
module will then fail to load because terminal library symbols like UP will be

Without --as-needed, superfluous links between shared objects proliferate
through a software collection.  --as-needed is becoming more common, so it
would be good if didn't break because of it.
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