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Date 2015-01-22.11:50:08
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Following the issue 7776, there is a patch for 2.7 version.

Which changes the method of class HTTPConnection from "_set_hostport" to "_get_hostport"[1], it seems introduce in some incompatibility issues.

On my system, the file "/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/mercurial/" from package mercurial-3.0-2.fc21 still use the old method "_set_hostport". I met an error "AttributeError: httpsconnection instance has no attribute '_set_hostport'" when use this package. I only see this incompatibility issue so far.

And in the file itself, [2] still use "self._conn._set_hostport(host, port)", which should be "self._conn._get_hostport(host, port)" if it's settled to rename "_set_hostport" to "_get_hostport".

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