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Date 2015-01-20.22:51:23
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Building Python-2.7.9 using --prefix, with an ncurses that's linked to libtinfo
and a readline that isn't linked to any termcap library, I ran into the trouble
that the curses module wan't buing build with the needed -L and -l flags for
the libtinfo shared object.  I dug into, and ended up overhauling the
readline, curses, and also dbm handling (more on that in another ticket).  I
also made changes to allow to pick up options like -isystem from
$CPPFLAGS, replacing in the process the "optparse" module with the "argparse"
module.  Since argparse requires collections.OrderedDict, which isn't yet built
at this stage, I added Lib_boot/, which uses the pure-Python
OrderedDict from

and had use "argparse_boot" module instead.

The build also ran into trouble with system directories that
explicitly adds to inc_dirs and lib_dirs ahead of those of the alternate

The attached files fixed all these issues in my scenario, allowing a succesful
build and install of Python-2.7.9.
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