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Going back to msdos, there are graphic chars for all 256 bytes, including may single and double line box-drawing chars. Many In Idle, I see 5 solid white circles.  In FireFox, there are 5 empty circles (on dark background, which are chr(9689).  When I copy from FF back to Idle (3.4.2, Win7), there are 5 of each. I have no idea if the 9689s are on the site or added by FF.

Here is another difference.

>>> print('\x03')  # console
♥  # heart

>>> print('\x03')  # idle
  # lower left single line corner in Idle, box on FF

Trying to match console-Idle(tk) print output for control chars even on Windows would be tough.  

I have been planning to add a subsection of the doc that mentions known differences between console interpreter and Idle shell.  The result of print() is one of them.  Another print difference is that Idle displays many unicode chars that Windows replaces with boxes or ?s, depending on the codepage.
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