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On 15.01.2015 05:43, Martin Panter wrote:
> New patch that also fixes StreamWriter.writelines() in general for the byte codecs

Could you explain this new undocumented class ?

+class _IncrementalBasedWriter(StreamWriter):
+    """Generic StreamWriter implementation.
+        The _EncoderClass attribute must be set to an IncrementalEncoder
+        class to use.
+    """
+    def __init__(self, stream, errors='strict'):
+        super().__init__(stream, errors)
+        self._encoder = self._Encoder(errors)
+    def write(self, object):
+    def reset(self):

Note that the doc-string mentions a non-existing attribute and there
are doc-string missing for the other methods.

The purpose appears to be a StreamWriter which works with
an IncrementalEncoder. A proper name would thus be
IncrementalStreamWriter which provides an .encode()
method which adapts the signature of the incremental encoder
to the one expected for StreamWriters and Codecs.
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