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> I do have Windows 7 SP1.

I expected so, but didn't want to assume.

> I have VS 2010 *Express* and I'm now able to open the project after installing the Service Pack 1 of VS 2010.

Glad to hear it. You made me a little nervous there :) (I don't feel like requiring VS 2010 SP1 is unreasonable, but I could be wrong... not sure there's any sensible way to support VS 2010 RTM though.)

> Note: The binary (in debug mode) moved from PCbuild\python_d.exe to  PCbuild\win32\python_d.exe

Yes, that was always a pet peeve of mine, but I got big thanks from the other Windows nosy list for making that move. At this point, everything should be okay with the new location, but if there are any more issues just let me know and I'll check them out.
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