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Author loewis
Date 2005-10-02.08:24:34
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I think the problem will occur whenever somebody loads with dlopen and RTLD_GLOBAL. IMO, this should be
avoided. I can't see in which of these different reports
this really is the case, but in those cases, this much looks
like a third-party bug.

If you import pyexpat first, it looks fine, since it will
resolve the symbols against its own copy, without exporting
them. Then, the later usage of libexpat cannot mistakenly go
into pyexpat because Python loaded this with RTLD_LOCAL.
However, it still may crash later when symbols are resolved
lazily, as more expat symbols might be needed when using
pyexpat, so different symbols might go to different libraries.

Linking pyexpat with -Bsymbolic (where available) should
also solve the problem.
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