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Date 2015-01-08.15:02:06
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On 08.01.2015 15:46, Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
>> Sets of strings are very common when trying to create a unique set of strings or optimizing "name in set_of_names" lookups.
> This is not nearly so common as attributes or globals access, or passing keyword arguments.

Not at the interpreter level, but unlike dicts, sets are not used
much to implement interpreter logic. Their use cases are more based
in application code where you basically find two major use cases:

1. check for flag in set of numeric codes

2. check for string in unique set of strings

(and their associated set operations, i.e. checking for subsets,
superset, etc.)

This is why I don't follow Raymond's reasoning. Of course, if
he comes up with a patch that makes both cases faster, I'd be
+1 ;-)
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