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Hi, I'm no more able to compile Python 3.5 on Windows. I have Visual Studio 2008 Express, Visual Studio 2010 Express. VS 2010 is unable to open PCbuild/pcbuild.sln: it says that the file was created on a more recent Visual Studio version and it is unable to open it.

I tried to install Visual Studio 2013 community but it told me that my Windows Seven is too old: it looks like Windows 8.1 or newer is required :-(

I found a Visual Studio 2015 Ultime preview, but I don't want to install an heavy "Ultime" IDE, I just want a simple C compiler...

> Though the title says VS 2015, builds will work fine with VS 2010 and VS 2013 (and probably VS 2012, but I didn't try it). Even so, I've copied the old project files into PC/VS10.0, though I'd be happy to just forget them.

There is no PC/VS10.0 file or directory in the Python source code. I only found two .sln files: PCbuild/pcbuild.sln and PC/example_nt/example.sln.

The devguide looks outdated: it only mentions Visual Studio 2010 (and 2008 for Python 2.7). Can you please update it?

I am no more able to develop on Windows, the issue becomes very annoying for me. I hate having to install a huge IDE to compile Python.
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