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Author pitrou
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Date 2015-01-02.11:35:12
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> Antoine, can you please elaborate the rationale of your patch?

The patch adds SSL support for proactor-based event loops (any event loop supporting plain sockets, actually, so it could also work for libuv etc.).

> Is the "legacy" code only used on Python 3.4 and older? Is ssl.MemoryBIO always present in Python 3.5 and newer?

Yes and yes.

> I would like to see benchmarks of memory BIO vs current code on Linux and Windows.

Do you have such benchmarks?

> Maybe we may only use memory BIO for the proactor event loop?

It sounds better to exercise the same code path under all platforms.

> Did you try your patch on Python 3.3?


> How will this patch help to support STARTTLS?

Guido explained this one :-)
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