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Hi David,

One more data point. Although I demonstrated the bug using the .execute() 
method associated with a connection object -- you can also create the exact 
problem using the .execute() method associated with cursors. This leaves no 
means to COMMIT inside a nested SELECT.

The members of the sqlite mailing list confirmed they had no problem executing 
the SQL statements using C and PHP. I think this is a bug, rather than just a 
problem with the docs.

I've been digging around the pysqlite C source but can't quite figure out 
what's going on yet.


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> Subject: [issue23129] sqlite3 COMMIT nested in SELECT returns
> unexpected results
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> I'd say you have a bug here of some sort, but I'm not sure if it is a
> doc bug or a code bug.  Commit specifically does *not* reset the
> cursors, according to the code, but I'm not even sure what resetting a
> cursor means :)  I've poked around the sqlite3 module's code a bit, but
> not enough to have an answer to this.  I do note that a commit does a
> call to sqlite3_reset on all statements associated with the connection,
> and I suspect that's where the problem originates.  Which probably
> makes it a doc bug.
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