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Date 2014-12-21.07:57:25
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readline() is used only when unpickle opcodes PERSID, INT, LONG, FLOAT, STRING, UNICODE, INST, GLOBAL, GET, PUT. These opcodes are not used with protocol 4 (all opcodes except GLOBAL is used only with protocol 0, and GLOBAL is used with protocol <= 3). Frames are used only with protocol 4. So there is very small chance to meet this bug in real data. But it is not zero, artificial pickled data which mixes FRAME with protocol 0 opcodes can be constructed by third-party software for some reasons.

Artificial example:

>>> pickletools.dis(b"\x80\x04\x95\x05\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00I42\n.")
    0: \x80 PROTO      4
    2: \x95 FRAME      5
   11: I    INT        42
   15: .    STOP
highest protocol among opcodes = 4
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