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Date 2014-12-19.05:52:27
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Additional notes: Sarah's Replace patch consists of the tag raise.  I just verified the reason why it works and moved it to the dialog base to include output windows and soon, Search dialogs.  Sarah, if you do not provide a 'family' name, I will list you in Misc/ACKS, in alphabetical position, as just 'Sarah'.  Or are you already in that file?

Currently, Replace dialog Find hits are tagged with both the 'hit' and the 'sel' tag, which does not show on Windows as long as the dialog is the active window, but apparently does on other systems.  Raising the hit tag to the top (either patch) means that the visible highlight on other systems will change from 'selected' to 'found' (which are independently configurable in Idle preferences).

If this not desired, the patch could be altered to use tag 'hit' on Windows and 'sel' elsewhere; change 'hit' (on Windows) to 'sel' when the dialog is closed; and configure 'hit' to look like 'sel' (so there is no visible change when closing, as on other systems).

On Windows, only one slice can be selected and I presume this is true on other systems.  If so, a non-'sel' tag is needed on all systems to tag multiple hits.  I would like to auto-highlight all hits in grep output windows and add an explicit 'find in current file' option (though it is possible now by adding the file name to the search path).

Raymond, I added you as nosy since this is an appearance change issue that you might possibly have an opinion on, and I would prefer getting it before a change is released in January  If I am wrong, un-nosy yourself.
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