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>> if you NOT point timeout in "RPC-client" -- you program will freeze or will maked resource leak (with small probability).

> Assuming a lack of concurrency, your program will indeed freeze until the system timeout has been reached. I'm not sure about a leak. If you have an example of such a case, it would likely be a good candidate for a new issue.

I do not know how behavior in Microsoft Windows...

in GNU/Linux "system timeout has been reached" -- means that  system timeout will *never* reached.

you may easy to test this (to make this test -- we need using: "client-computer" and "network-router-computer"):

step 1. run next code on "client-computer" (GNU/Linux):

    $ python3
    >>> from xmlrpc.client import ServerProxy
    >>> server = ServerProxy("")
    >>> for _ in range(100): print(server.examples.getStateName(41))

step 2: to broke network in "network-router-computer".

step 3: wait some minutes. example 60 minutes.

step 4: to repear netework in "network-router-computer".

step 5: we will see, that program on "client-computer" will freeze *forever*. system timeout will *never* reached. even after some days -- system timeout will not reached. :-)

> it would likely be a good candidate for a new issue.

yes, may be we need new issue-ticket?
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