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Date 2014-12-12.20:40:59
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With Python 2.7.8, ctypes builds fine on FreeBSD x86, but with Python 2.7.9, the build fails with:

*** WARNING: renaming "_ctypes" since importing it failed: build/lib.freebsd-8.3-RELEASE-p3-i386-2.7/ Undefined symbol "ffi_call_win32"

Since this is FreeBSD, there shouldn't really be any calls to ffi_call_win32() in the _ctypes module or libffi.

Looking at the code changes in libffi/src/x86/ffi.c, it looks as if some of the #ifdefs for X86_WIN64 and X86_WIN32 were mixed up, causing calls to the Windows function to be compiled on FreeBSD x86, without also compiling the function definition in the same file.
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