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The "Select Python Installations" dialog box contains the line "Select the Python locations where <distribution_name> should be installed." If <distribution_name> is anything other than a very short string, the line is truncated, due to the following factors:
- the line doesn't wrap
- the dialog box can't be resized
- the message (aside from the distribution name) is fairly lengthy

See the screenshot, where I created a distribution of a package whose name is "not_such_a_long_name".

At the same time as the line is made wrappable and/or the dialog box is made resizable, it would be nice to improve the wording of the message. It took me a while to figure out what was going on because the GUI elements have different meanings from the ones seen more commonly. Usually these elements (the menu with choices beginning with "Will be installed on local hard drive" and ending with "Entire feature will be unavailable") are used to choose one or more features of an application to install, not one or more places to install the same application. Maybe something like this would work:

Select Where to Install

Select Python locations in which to install <distribution_name>:

Python 2.7 (found in the registry)
Python 3.3 (found in the registry)
Python (other location)

instead of the current:

Select Python Installations

Select the Python locations where <distribution_name> should be installed:

Python 2.7 from registry
Python 3.3 from registry
Python from another location
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