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On 02.12.2014 19:02, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> Sticking to bitness should be easy (although I wonder if it would be desirable for platforms with fat binaries - Ned?). If we can go the extra mile and include platform identification all the better, of course.

I hear the "can of worms" alarm ringing :-)

Seriously, I think that putting platform infos into the file name
is bound to cause more trouble than it tries to solve. Fat builds
leave the decision to the linker, which is a good method and avoids
the file name clashes.

I think we should only focus on platforms where fat builds are
uncommon, while at the same time you do have to support multiple
architectures, like e.g. Windows:

Note that on Linux, 32-bit and 64-bit versions are typically placed
into different directory trees:

so I'm not sure whether it's a real problem on Linux.
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