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Date 2014-11-22.21:39:59
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I've basically finished the core of the work to refresh the PCBuild project files and support building with VS 2015, and I believe it's ready to merge in.

Though the title says VS 2015, builds will work fine with VS 2010 and VS 2013 (and probably VS 2012, but I didn't try it). Even so, I've copied the old project files into PC/VS10.0, though I'd be happy to just forget them.

I suspect Tools/msi/ will stop working with this change. My replacement installer is not ready yet. If anyone's particularly concerned about then I can try and restore it before checking this in, but I'm 99.9% certain it won't be used for 3.5, so I don't see the point.

I've attached two patches, one with all the changes and the other with the "highlights" - the diff between the diffs are most of the project files and the added/deleted files. I imagine practically everyone will have a better time viewing the changes in their own hg tools, so the changes can be pulled from my sandbox with "hg pull -b Projects" or viewed at (I'll rebase these as a single commit in default when it goes in.)

A few changes that may deserve some more discussion:

* Builds for 32-bit now go to PCBuild\win32 instead of PCBuild (the batch file updates should make this transparent)

* The project that used to trigger the OpenSSL build is now two projects (libeay, ssleay) that do the build directly, so they may need updating whenever we update the OpenSSL version or change _ssl/_hashlib. I'm obviously happy to track these. (The advantages are proper incremental builds, better debugging, better optimisation - definitely PGO if we turn that back on.)

* The posixmodule.c update for Py_Verify_fd may become redundant - the VC14 CRT will include a per-thread function to change the invalid parameter handling, so when that's available we should be able to switch away from this trickery completely.

* I changed some GetVersion calls (which no longer behave properly as of Windows 8.1) to use functions from VersionHelpers.h in VS 2013 and later.

* build.bat now builds in parallel by default, with '-M' to disable.

* PCBuild/readme.txt has been updated as if VS 2015 has already been released. This is not yet true, but I doubt anyone who notices will be particularly confused or upset.
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