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Thank you for your report Chris.

PyObject_REPR() is used only in Python/compile.c just before calling Py_FatalError(). So refcount leaks doesn't matter in these cases.

PyObject_REPR() is expanded to deprecated _PyUnicode_AsString which is not defined if Py_LIMITED_API is defined. So it is unlikely that third-party code uses it. We can just remove this macro in 3.5.

There are other bugs in formatting fatal error messages where PyObject_REPR() is used. PyBytes_AS_STRING() is called for unicode objects. Definitely this branch of the code is rarely executed.

Here is a patch which expands PyObject_REPR() in Python/compile.c and replaces PyBytes_AS_STRING() with PyUnicode_AsUTF8(). In 3.5 we also should remove the PyObject_REPR macro definition.
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