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Date 2014-11-16.05:52:28
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It turns out *all* the global config variations are in pydebug.h (and they're basically the only thing in there, aside from the environment variable access macro). That seems a little weird to me (perhaps historical due to the early global config variables being debugging related?), but for now I've just added a couple of comments cross referencing pydebug.h from pylifecycle.c and vice-versa.

The latest version of the patch:

- moves the reference count & block allocation printing to object.[ch] as Antoine suggested (Macro = _PY_DEBUG_PRINT_TOTAL_REFS(); Symbol = _PyDebug_PrintTotalRefs())

- moves Py_OptimizeFlag to pylifecycle.c together with the other global configuration flags (and tweaks the order of definitions to exactly match the order of declarations in pydebug.h)

Since the extern declaration is actually there in pydebug.h, the reference to Py_InspectFlag from pythonrun.c is actually fine for now (although removing that direct reference will likely end up being part of the PEP 432 implementation).
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