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Date 2014-11-06.20:07:25
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I'm classifying this as a security issue, since using uuid_generate_time() -- i.e. the not _safe() variety -- does return collisions in real world cases that we've seen, and those could have security implications. However, I don't know that this can be exploited in any real world cases, so I'm not making it private or sending to security@.

The basic problem is that uuid.uuid1() uses uuid_generate_time(3), but if the synchronization methods used in that C function's manpage are not used, then two concurrent processes can -- and do in our cases -- return the same UUID.

I would propose that if uuid_generate_time_safe() is available, this should be used instead, and the return value should be checked to see if a safe method was used.  If not, then uuid1() should fall back to the pure-Python approach.
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