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Date 2014-11-01.15:52:54
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What the patch does is replace the hard-coded address for the loopback interface with a one-time lookup.  I'd argue the hunk @@ -315,7 +316,7 @@ should be dropped.

The two arguments that motivate this change are:

  1) The address of the loopback interface is not always, binding to it may fail.
  2) The tests seem to assume localhost resolves to the same address where the server is running.

Working on this patch started with the ConnectionRefusedError that HÃ¥kan mentioned. 
Applying the patch made the ConnectionRefusedError go away, but I think we may
have solved a different problem and suppressed the real problem as a side

@r.david.murray: would the patch be acceptable on dropping said hunk, and changing the description to 
"Do not assume localhost resolves to"?

That still leaves, I think, a hidden bug somewhere in the proxy code that will surface in some corner case.
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