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I failed to find anything about TCVN 5712:1999 except the official announcement of it superseding TCVN 5712:1993 on TCVN's website. I also was not able to find any material using TCVN 5712:1999. My guess is that TCVN 6909:2001 having been released only 2 years after, TCVN 5712:1999 probably had no time to get in real use.

Anyway, TCVN 5712:1993 is the real one, the one having been in used for almost 2 decades. So this is why I provided codec tables for this one.

There is 3 flavors of it. The most used one for documents is the third one (TCVN 5712:1993 VN3). It is used with the so called “ABC fonts” which are of common knowledge in Vietnam. But the first one may be of use in databases. I never got access to real (large) Vietnamese databases so I can't confirm it for sure. I still provided the 3 flavors, just in case.

Still, since VN3 is a subset of VN2, which itself is a subset of VN1, you may choose to only include the first one, TCVN 5712:1993 VN1, I leave this up to you. FYI, GNU Recode and Glibc Iconv currently implement "tcvn" as VN1. (but the Epson printer company implement VN3…)
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