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Date 2014-10-27.09:04:50
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I very much doubt that this is a Python issue as such.

Other things being equal, I would expect Harddisk\DR1 to be a CD-ROM or
some other removable disk. Using something like winobj.exe from
sysinternals should show what it expects to be on a given machine. It's
certainly possible that the machine on which cx_freeze is being used has
a permanent D: drive while the corresponding drive on the target machine
is removable.

(Strictly Harddisk\DR1 needn't be the D: drive and it needn't be
removable, but that's far and away the most common configuration).

I obviously can't say why any code should be be trying to access that
drive. You could try running procexp.exe (sysinternals again) to see
what handle is being attempted on that drive by that program which might
lend a clue as to where the problem is arising. But, again, I don't
believe this is a Python issue.
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