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Author jnespolo
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Date 2014-10-25.09:43:38
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Ned Deily: I don't quite know how to use unittest, but I'll try to look into it.

paul j3:
> There I proposed leaving '_negative_number_matcher' unchanged, 
> but only use it to set '_has_negative_number_optionals'.

I don't know argparse internals but, if I understand your argument, I think you still need a '_negative_number_matcher' capable of correctly match any negative number in any form, including scientific notation, complex j, etc..
If this is the case, then, the matcher could be simplified to something like


(notice $ removed from current regex) which would only signal that "something that starts like a negative number" is present.
Then one could use complex() or float() or whatever, to check that that's actually the case.

I would still expect an exception to be raised if, say, I specify type=float and then a complex value is passed as an argument.
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