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It probably comes from this change:
changeset:   86879:c34e163c0086
branch:      3.3
parent:      86870:dbff708e393f
user:        Tim Golden <>
date:        Sun Nov 03 12:53:17 2013 +0000
files:       Lib/ Lib/test/ Misc/NEWS
Issue #10197 Rework subprocess.get[status]output to use subprocess functionality and thus to work on Windows. Patch by Nick Coghlan.

> (U) This is a breaking change for code relying on what was already a legacy interface.

CommandTests.test_getoutput() only checks that an error returns a non-zero status :-/ It doens't check for the exact status. We should use a small Python program using a specific exit code (ex: sys.exit(5)) to check the status.
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