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Author serhiy.storchaka
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Date 2014-10-13.08:23:05
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> I don't understand why you want to remove more files than before. You may
> open a different issue, or at least explain the rationale.

I thought it would be good idea slightly extend this cleanup while we are 
here. I'm not motivated enough to open a different issue.

Well, here is a patch which removes only TESTFN. It is still improved, uses 
support.unlink and support.rmtree instead of os.unlink and shutil.rmtree.

You can just drop cleanup code at all if you prefer. All is good to me.

> I never see any forgotten test file after running tests, so I don't see why
> you are worried because of them.

This is because regrtest creates temporary directory and goes to it. But when 
you execute Python test directly, test files are created in the current 

> And with your first patch, we will now
> noticed forgotten files, so we can just fix tests.

But we will noticed only one about test at the time if several tests forgot 
the same file. This will needed several iterations.
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