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Author neptune235
Date 2004-10-28.08:31:55
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I also reported bug 1051840. I discovered this when I was
looking for a universal way to handle all the wierd things
people do with their script sections on HTML/XHTML pages on
the net. I've ended up modifying so that the
HTMLParser class has an extra attribute called last_match,
which is the exact string of HTML that whatever handler
event  is being called for...So that putting:
for every handler event (except handle_data, which can be
directly outputted) will output the page exactly as was
inputted. This allows me to handle all oddities in people's
code at the level of my handler, without changing HTMLParser
in any other way...
Here's the code, attached. Not that you care, but on the off
chance that you guys might want to think about doing
something like this....:)
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