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Date 2014-10-09.22:00:52
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As a follow-up of the issue #22591, I propose to drop support of the Borland C compiler.

In 2000, it was nice to support Visual Studio and Borland C++ Builder, because they were the two most popular compilers on Windows. Borland C compiler could also be used on MS-DOS.

But Borland stopped the development of its C compiler, it looks like the last release is Borland C++ Builder, which was released in 2000 (I'm not sure). So this proprietary compiler is now 14 years old.

Python now focus on Visual Studio support. Microsoft gives us free licenses and a developer of Microsoft will probably build our binaries for Python 3.5. So Borland C++ Builder support is now almost useless.

On Windows, I would prefer to focus our effort on open source compilers like GCC or OpenWatcom(v2). See for example the issue #22579.
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