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> I'm somewhat surprised at the 2-3x numbers you're seeing, as I was consistently getting 4-5x in the Linux tests I did. But it does depend quite a bit on what file system you're running, what hardware, whether you're running in a VM, etc. Still, 2-3x faster is a good speedup!

I don't think that hardware matters. As I wrote, I expect the whole /usr/share tree to fit in memory. It's sounds more like optimizations in the Linux kernel. I ran benchmarks on Fedora 20 with the Linux kernel 3.14.

> Anyway, where to from here? Are we agreed given the numbers that -- especially on Linux -- it makes good performance sense to use an all-C approach?

We didn't try yet to call readdir() multiple times in the C iterator and use a small cache (ex: between 10 and 1000 items, I don't know which size is the best yet) to also limit the number of readdir() calls. The cache would be an array of dirent on Linux.

scandir_helper() can return an array of items instead of a single item for example.

I can try to implement it if you want.
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