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Date 2014-10-07.01:21:05
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Attaching my first patch here. It includes docs, the implementation of scandir and DirEntry in posixmodule.c, and tests in It does not yet include the changes for os.walk() to use scandir; I'm hoping to do that in a separate patch for easier code review.

I'd love some code and documentation review, as well as some thoughts on these open questions:

1) posixmodule.c is getting kinda huge and unwieldy; it'd be nice to implement this in a separate C file, but that comes with its own problems, as several functions would need to be made available externally.

2) While writing the tests, I was getting issues with Windows (apparently) not deleting the symlinks immediately in my teardown function, so for the moment I just don't call the teardown function at all. Not great; I think we'll want a better solution.

3) Partly due to #2, I haven't yet added tests for the file-not-found condition if a file is found by the directory scanning but then deleted before a DirEntry.is_dir() or DirEntry.is_file() call. I intend to add these tests, and there's a TODO comment in so I remember.

4) will need some further cleanup for inclusion in CPython; it's currently taken straight from my scandir module, which supports Python down to Python 2.6.
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