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Date 2014-10-05.20:25:54
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Attached patch is a first-cut at a backport patch. Note that it is not quite a 1-1 with the original:

The SSL module backport added a new field for the Python-level "SSLSocket" reference (ssl_sock), which was a different object from the _socket.socket (PySocketObject *) object. This is all effectively supplanted by the new owner field, so this patch does that as well.

The patch looks basically complete to me, but the tests hang for some reason: in a test where the client side hangs up (test_check_hostname) the server side of the socket blocks in a call to read(). I'm not sure why.

Antoine, or anyone else who worked on the original patch, did you run into any issues like this, or have any other insights into what might be causing it?
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