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Date 2014-10-03.09:40:14
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I think this is mostly unavoidable: cmath.log(z, 10) is a compound operation that does the equivalent of cmath.log(z) / cmath.log(10), while cmath.log10 is doing everything at once.

If anything, this is a problem in how complex division is done: it's arguable that division by a complex number with zero imaginary part should be special-cased here.

>>> inf = float('inf')
>>> z = complex(-0.0, -inf)
>>> cmath.log(10)
>>> cmath.log(z)
>>> cmath.log(z) / cmath.log(10)

A simpler example just involving division:

>>> complex(2.0, inf) / 2.0   # expect 1 + infj.
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