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Here are most popular idioms which deserve special assertion methods:

assertHasAttr(obj, name) == assertTrue(hasattr(obj, name))
assertIsSubclass(type, expected) == assertTrue(issubclass(type, expected))
assertTypeIs(obj, expected) == assertIs(type(obj), expected)
assertTypedEqual(actual, expected) == assertIs(type(actual), type(expected)) and assertEqual(actual, expected) # or assertIsInstance(actual, type(expected))?
assertStartsWith(actual, prefix) == assertTrue(s.startswith(prefix))
assertEndsWith(actual, suffix) == assertTrue(s.endswith(suffix))
assertUnorderedSequenceEqual(first, second) == assertTrue(all(x in second for x in first)) and assertTrue(all(x in first for x in second)) and assertEqual(len(first), len(second))
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