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Dear Drekin,

> The crash you see is maybe not a crash at all. First it has nothing 
> to do with printing, the problem is reading of your input line. 

I guessed that, but thanks for pointing out.

> So maybe Python REPL then thinks the input just ended and so standardly exits the interpreter.

Yes. I have showed that because the line of code seemed perfectly valid and innocuous (I moved to Python3 because I *need* good unicode/encodings support). The answer from the REPL is, to me, very suprising. I would have expected a badly displayed character at least and a syntax error at worst. I consider myself quite aware of unicode issues but without any output from the repl, I'd have very hard times figuring out what went wrong, hence my bug report.

So even though this might not qualify as the worse bug in Python, I'd say it is actually quite misleading. But see no complaint here, I'm very happy with Python in general. It's just that I thought I had to tell it to the dev team.

> Why are you using chcp 65001? 

I thought it'd help me with printing unicode (I tried CP437 but problem is the EURO sign is not there, and I *do* need eurosign :-)). But I'll readily admit I didn't read all the stuff about encoing issues on Windows console before trying.

>try my package `win_unicode_console`, which tries to solve the issues. 

I'll certainly do that.

Thank you for your answer

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