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Date 2014-09-19.13:38:55
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Currently marking as a deferred blocker, as Alex wasn't sure he'd be able to get PEP 476 fully updated in time for 3.4.2rc1, and was willing to accept waiting for 2.7.9 and 3.4.3 rather than delaying 3.4.2 any further.

However, that was before Senthil accepted the patch in 22366 for 3.5, which means we're at "feature complete" for the proposed changes.

There's still the issue 22366 backport patch, PEP update, docs updates and What's New updates to go, so assigning to Alex to decide if he wants to work with Larry to get this ready to go for 3.4.2 (noting that the PEP still needs the final tick of approval from Guido after being updated to reflect the proposed implementation).

Otherwise we can get it ready for 2.7.9 with the other SSL changes, and it will appear in the 3.4.3 maintenance release, rather than 3.4.2.

(Note that I'm busy most of this weekend, so +1 from me in advance if you decide to go ahead with getting it into 3.4.2)
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