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Attached is a patch for 3.5.0 dev that adds UsageGroups.  Now different 'kinds' are implemented as subclasses, which are accessed via the registry:

     _XorUsageGroup - replicate action of MutuallyExclusiveGroups
     _AndUsageGroup - an inclusive group
     _OrUsageGroup -  an 'any' group
     _NorUsageGroup - NotOr - also works as Not
     _NandUsageGroup - NotAnd

Open issues:

    - what difference should the 'required' parameter make?
    - how should 'errors' in nested groups propagate?
    - formatting of error messages
    - formatting the usage line with these groups
    - any additional 'help' display
    - framework for custom test and/or subclasses
    - documentation, sample scripts, and formal testing
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