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I have found another example of where the current interaction between readline and Python core lead to confussion. It started with following report on my package: .

Basically, IPython interactive console on Windows uses pyreadline package, which provides GNU readline functionality. To get input from user, it just calls input(prompt). Input calls readline both for writing prompt and reading the input. It interprets ANSI control sequences so colored prompt is displayed rather than garbage. And when user types, things like auto-completion work. sys.stdin is not used at all and points to standard object.

One easily gets the impression that since sys.stdin is bypassed, changing it doesn't mind, but it actually does. With changed sys.stdin, input() now uses it rather than readline and ANSI control sequences result in a mess. See .

I just think that it would be better when input() allways delegated to sys.stdin and print() to sys.stdout() and this was the standard way to interact with terminal. It would then be the responsibility of sys.std* objects to do right thing – to read from file, to delegate to readline, to directly interact with console some way, to interpret or not the ANSI control sequences.

Solving issues like #1602 or #18597 or adding readline support to Windows would then be just matter of providing the right sys.std* implementation.
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