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Date 2014-08-27.10:41:18
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I wouldn't mind heading in that direction at a later stage. PEP 432 is aimed at a simpler proposition of breaking things up into two steps:

Step 1: get a functional bytecode compiler and eval loop up and running (only builtin and frozen modules available) (this is what "begin initialization" would handle)
Step 2: get everything else up and running with the aid of a mostly working core C API (this is everything else up to and including "end initialization"). In particular, we'd be able to use builtins, like str and list, rather than having to manage everything in pure C (or breach the API guarantees by creating objects before the interpreter is fully set up, as happens now).

So step 1 will probably need to remain a distinct operation called from the embedding application (including the Python CLI itself) but there may be room to move in how we get from the beginning of the initialisation process to the end.
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