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If you have:


Then in 3.3+, both of the following will work:

    python3 subdir
    python3 -m subdir

They do slightly different things, though.

In the first case, "subdir" will be added to sys.path, and then python will execute the equivalent of "python3 -m __main__"

In the second case, the current directory will be added to sys.path, and python will execute the equivalent of "python3 -m subdir.__main__"

The first case is the directory execution support that was added way back in Python 2.6.

The second case is a combination of the package execution support added in Python 2.7/3.1 and the implicit namespace packages support that was added in Python 3.3.

Interesting find - the possibility of the latter situation hadn't occurred to me before :)
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