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In case it helps, I've experienced a similar refactoring.

we used a pattern of stages and services:
- stages represent a state of the application (like Pre-Initialization, Initializing, Initialized...), they are composed of services
- services represent a key responsability over the system (set program name, set python home...)

The launching sequence was determined by a game of dependencies.
  ex: "Initialized" claims it requires "Initializing" which claims it requires Pre-Initialisation...
So when you ask to load stage Initialized the launcher can construct then run the sequence: Pre-Initialisation -> Initializing -> Initialized.

We used same mechanisms for Services.

This way you can insert/append new stages or services just by creating them and declaring they should be run after X and/or before Y.  

Key benefits:
- easy to maintain and extend, flexible
- thread safe, launcher/runner can take the decision to parallelize. To serve this purpose each service can take a context object and return the context object that will be passed to the next service, between each stages contexts are merged if parallelized...
- easy to debug: you've got error messages like: At Stage X, service Y fails with error message Z.
- optimization friendly: while debugging you can measure the time taken by each service and compare it with and older version of the system for example.
- few changes to original code, it's just copy/pasting chunk of code.

- it's hard for developpers to have a picture of what happens, this require to make a launcher/debugger which can dump the launching sequence.
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