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Author tim.peters
Date 2004-10-01.17:27:06
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The Wise system variable MAINDIR had "C:" hardcoded before 
revision 1.123 of python20.wse.  Rev 1.123 removed the "C:", 
because Wise uses the value of MAINDIR to suggest the 
default install directory in a GUI install, and at least two users 
complained that they wanted the default to be their system 
drive, for which whatever reasons they changed to be 
something other than C -- and they complained endlessly 
<wink> about how hard it was to select the drive they 
wanted instead from the dropdown list.

Since I couldn't find a way to get Wise to tell us what "the 
system drive" is (Wise appeared to assume it *must* be C), 
and since they said that removing the hardcoded "C:" from 
MAINDIR caused the GUI install to do what they wanted, it 
was removed.

It would be foolish to put it back.  So unless someone who 
has a better understanding of Wise can figure out how to get 
it to reveal the system drive, and cares enough to take over 
Python's Wise installer, it won't change.

Perhaps some form of the installer's /d switch would allow 
setting MAINDIR during a silent install (I don't know):
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