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The current test/test_*.py example file in the docs intentionally does not contain test_main.
The next section explaining that test.regrtest runs unittest.TestLoader.loadTestsFromModule if test_main does not exist. I believed support.run_unittest.

I never used test_main in, Grep test/test_*.py for 'test_main' or its absence to count others. Or search all issues for 'unittest discovery' for conversions.  For instance: #18258 made this change to the five test_codecmaps*.py files.
-def test_main():
-    support.run_unittest(__name__)
 if __name__ == "__main__":
-    test_main()
+    support.use_resources = ['urlfetch']
+    unittest.main()

This all said, running all tests in a file with two different values of an attribute of the tested module is an exceptional case.  Zach, what do you think?
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