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I suspect resolving this will actually need special casing on the argparse side - __main__.__spec__ will have the original details for __main__ when executed via -m of zipfile/directory execution.

Things to check for:

* "__main__.__spec__ is not None" indicates a "-m" invocation
* will give you the module name that was executed
* if it is exactly "__main__" then this is likely zipfile or directory execution, and sys.argv[0] will still give the correct name
* if it ends with a ".__main__", it is likely package execution, and the last segment should be dropped
* otherwise, it is normal module execution

In the latter two cases, sys.executable can be used to figure out what to put before the "-m" (we don't expose the raw C level argv to Python, although there is an open RFE to do so somewhere on the tracker).
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