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There is other work going on that will make the patches unnecessary. One problem is that vcvarsall.bat isn't where is looking, which can be fixed with monkey patching in or in setuptools. The other problem is that VC9 is hard to get hold of these days. I'm working on both problems and dealing with the big-company-inertia problem.

For 3.5 I'll update as part of my VC14 support. 3.4 (and 3.5 in the meantime) don't need to be updated as the easiest way to get VC10 is still as part of VS 2010. However, when the VS 2010 download is removed then things will become more difficult.

In general, I think we're better off helping package developers make builds/wheels than we are helping users to get the compiler. Windows just doesn't have enough platform incompatibilities to make it worthwhile.
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