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Date 2014-08-18.12:30:03
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Hi everyone,

I went ahead and I've applied ssl-backport.diff (alex, 2014-08-07 18:49) patch into Python 2.7.8 on Fedora Rawhide (currently only scratch build).

My report:
Firstly, I've encountered seg fault, I fixed this with patch from

Next issue was/is distro specific, there is disabled SSLv2 protocol when SSLv23_method is used[0]. However python3 builds fine[1]:

In when calling
try_protocol_combo(ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv23, ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv2, True)
this will raise an OSError on python3 but this error is caught by test.

In python 2 this will raise a socket.error[2] instead, but test_protocol_sslv23 is catching ssl.SSLError, shouldn't be that changed to socket.error so both python2 and python3 behave the same? 

[0] SSLv23
[1] Python3 build (search for test_protocol_sslv23)
[2] Python2 build (search for test_protocol_sslv23)
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