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"list or tuple" (of such strings.)  Can we say 'sequence' (or even set or iterable) or is the requirement specifically tuple or list?

Does tk call the traceback function with any args it supplies(other than those passed in)? (In other words, is the callback affected by the #22214 proposal?)

*args is a tuple of objects, not parameters (names). I would just say "Additional arguments are passed to the traceback call".


"Should be same as were specified in trace_add()." Is a subset not allowed to remove a subset of the registrations currently allowed?  Does trying to delete other modes raise TclError?  If both are so, I would say something like "Must be a subset of current trace modes.". 

"Additional parameters should be same as were specified in trace_add()."
Again, /parameters/arguments/. That aside, remembering and passing the arguments back seems like a bizarre requirement that makes not sense. What happens if one does not, or gets it wrong? It the args are really required exactly, then is seems that trace_add should return (cbname,) + args to be passed back to trace_remove as cbname_args.

Alternatively, could *args (and mode) be retrieved from trace_info?

trace_variable, _vdelete

" This method is deprecated and will likely be removed in a future version of Tcl."  Slightly more accurate would be "This deprecated method wraps a deprecated tcl method that will likely be removed in the future."
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